How many triumphs are buried in your data? We’ll help you uncover them

Big data isn’t enough - we build Fast Data, Wide Data and Smart Data platforms for unparalleled insights

Big Data

Historical, archived data for mining app and deep insights. The starting point for data-driven business.

Wide Data

Get high level insights across datasets. Multi-source integrated data that spans many applications.

Fast Data

Near real-time data drives faster decisions. Collect and react to events as they happen.

Smart Data

Apply machine learning to turn visual events into transactions you can monitor. Now.

Database Builds, Migrations & Performance

Moving to the cloud is a mainstream business. All it takes is a simple vision, some planning and a clean execution. You can do this. Leverage Full360's years of experience in AWS handling enterprise data workloads. Cloud native architectures will save you money. Ask our professionals how. Start your journey today.

Standard DW Migration We have a proven methodology that will save you time and money in migrating data from on-premise to the cloud. We know when to split of hybrid and when to go all in. Move your data securly and with confidence by working with our experts.

Oracle Enterprise Database Migration Offering If you thought it would take wild horses to drag you away from Oracle, we've got some horsepower to brag about. You're thinking about the cloud. Don't think alone. Ask our former Oracle professionals how. Realize security, scalability and high availability. Transform what's possible.

IBM Netezza Database Migration Offering Data Warehousing in the cloud is a service. So why are you continuing to maintain appliance hardware? The cloud isn't just virtualization, it provides a new way to scale. Cloud architecture beats proprietary hardware. We've proved it. Let us show you how.

Structured Data Lake Offering Imagine having every data asset in your enterprise optimally accessible. Optimized for every workflow. Secured for purpose. Archived for every efficiency. Available for every location. Your data. Your way. Realize the power of cloud architecture.

Data Warehouse Tuning (Upshift) Are you running stock Redshift? Are you ready to talk world-beating performance, or are you just running with the herd? Full360 has been tuning Redshfit since its beta. Now we offer you Upshift, the fixed-price engagement with the methods that will turn your vanilla implementation into a fire-breathing monster

SneaQL Workflow Modernization If you have extensive use of non-standard SQL, stored procedures and server side programming, SneaQL will bridge the gap to take full advantage of columnar database technology. Basic SneaQL is open-sourced at Github

CMS Data Management Offering Managing the risk profile of your patient population is too difficult if you cannot anticipate your Risk Adjustment Factor score given by CMS. We can build an easy to use on demand calculator. Manage better.