Helping Legacy Enterprise IT with their Cloud Journey


A private wealth management company established in the 1800s invited Full360 to help them strategically re-think their IT process.


The client recognized that had very limited in-house cloud expertise. They had a very traditional IT organization. There were strict divisions between server/technology operations (TechOps), applications delivery, network operations and infosec. TechOps was driving the cloud adoption process purely from an operational perspective. They had tried once before with another cloud partner found to be incompatible.


Full 360 engaged the client and established three drivers aiming at a goal of establishing enterprise wide cloud capabilities within the existing IT structure while adopting cloud-centric best practices.

  • Deliver ‘Cloud-First’ capabilities to better serve stakeholders across the firm.
  • Leverage Best Practices - DevOps, Infrastructure as Code, “Well Architected”
  • Cross unit strategic/functional drivers rather than organic/operational.


The client engaged in the Full 360 Cloud Expedition. The Cloud Expedition is a multi-step programs that has helped firms advance to the cloud with confidence. It is comprised of the following phases:

  • VISTA - Educate and Engage
  • SCOUT & OUTFIT - Discover, Plan and Prepare
  • TREK - Design and Build
  • BASECAMP - Secure, Optimize and Operate


Working with staff and consultants based on the East Cost, the Full 360 team executed and implemented the full Cloud Expedition in 9 months, transferring compute and network access from on-premise to clould-native. Governance and best practices were updated to the satisfaction of shareholders and IT staffs. New optimized and more capable workflows were developed and now run in production.

  • Vista Stage Stakeholders were educated on the Shared Responsibility Model. Learned about Infrastructure as Code and the Well Architected Framework. Skills and teams were identified. Roles and responsibilities were assigned. Rules of engagement between teams were established. Best practices were applied.

  • Scout & Outfit Stage The AWS Shared Responsibility Model gave clear delineation for the roles and responsibilities needed for the internal Acme Cloud Platform. Design Thinking was applied and consensus gained on the shared and extended responsibilities across all teams. Migration from Operational to Functional was mapped. Managed service expertise for the build/operate plan for the platform was leveraged.

  • Trek Stage Blueprint and strategy successfully produce in the second leg was leveraged to build the Cloud Platform. All cloud resources were migrated to Infrastructure as Code. Cloud accounts were restructured to fit the Functional Model. Foundation ofr operational excellence was established. Cloud policy and governance was developed. DevOps pipelines reflecting the rules of engagement between teams was established.

  • Basecamp Stage Cost optimizations plan was executed. Extended automation was established across the new Cloud Platform. Least privilege security access was enforced by policy.

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