Case study: Online gaming company

We migrated the largest known vertica cluster to the cloud

Read how we proved that a more-than-100-node Vertica cluster could operate in the cloud and still meet strict performance and standards.

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Case study: News & Media Company

We optimized infrastructure and licensing to keep costs more predictable

Read how we provided 71% cost savings for our client through efficient licensing and scalable computing resources.

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Case study: Airline

Near real-time passenger data to create a personalized flying experience

Read how we built a near real-time feed of passenger data into an iPad app so that flight crew can provide better customer service.

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How many triumphs are buried in your data? We'll help you uncover them

Big Data isn't enough; we build Fast Data and Wide Data platforms for unparalleled insights

Big Data

Historical, archived data for mining app and deep insights. The starting point for data-driven business.

Wide Data

Get high level insights across datasets. Multi-source integrated data that spans many applications.

Fast Data

Near real-time data drives faster decisions. Collect and react to events as they happen.

"Our three day workshop with the full 360 solution architect saved us six weeks of trial and error work on our analytics initiative."

Full 360 Customer in the Gamification Industry

We work with the smartest data-driven companies

Building interesting projects

We run the next generation of fast data systems in the cloud

Full 360 specializes in putting the power of the cloud to solve our clients' data problems.
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