Why Full 360?

Focus begets deep expertise, and that attracts the smart people, and smart people innovate. That's at our core and results in successful implementations for you.



We have only focused on Business Intelligence and its cohorts Data Warehousing and Analytics, since inception. With that focus comes deep expertise in the best-of-breed tools we have been implementing for years - Hyperion, Oracle, Jaspersoft, Vertica, and their respective eco-systems.

We were one of the first firms to push Essbase to the limits of what it could do in a global enterprise in the late '90s. This data warehouse and Essbase "cube" factory, built for the global finance operations of Deutsche Bank, with 100s of incoming feeds and multi-dimensional cubes for analytics of every kind, used globally by 1000s of users. This system continues to be in operation today. We have performed similar design and build work for data warehouse projects at Citibank, Merrill Lynch/Bank of America, and The CIT Group.

We have incorporated the lessons learnt from these implementations into our innovative solutions for sophisticated cost controlling, corporate planning and forecasting, financial consolidation, regulatory reporting, general ledger analysis, HR analytics and more recently cloud based BI/DW platforms.

Do you have a complex business intelligence problem that needs solving? We have the focus and breadth to apply our experience to find a solution.



Our People, Super Smart and Über-Geeks about BI.

Our focus, deep expertise, and nurtured independence allow us to be selective about the people we take on, and have attracted some senior experts to join our team - birds of a feather!

We all love what we do, with little overhead, we can do this for less than some of the so called experts out there. (<rant>but not cheaper than a programmer who's sum total of experience with the BI tool is reading the manual.</rant>)

We also love to share our explorations, our blog is a wealth of information

Do you have a new implementation planned? We'll design it right the first time around.

Do you have a botched implementation? or one that is headed south? We know the myriad ways that good intentions can go bad in BI and Data Warehousing applications, and can offer innovative solutions to remediate existing systems that aren't meeting expectations.



Innovate! First to the Cloud & DevOps.

As a boutique firm we also have a lot of freedom to explore ways to innovate and improve our BI systems and implementations. One such foray in the mid-2000s was the cloud, specifically we were the first firm to adapt running Hyperion EPM on Amazon Web Services, and closely followed by adapting a complete BI stack in the cloud with Jaspersoft and Vertica, a Codie award winner in 2010. A natural progression from the cloud was to create hosted, managed services for BI in the Cloud, both for Oracle Hyperion (ElasticPM™) and our ElasticBI™ Platform for Vertica and Jaspersoft

To manage this powerful service while customizing and scaling it to your unique requirements, we continued innovating and have applied next generation DevOps tools and methodologies into our platforms. We are able to define the BI infrastructure using easy-to-understand building blocks. This means that no matter how complicated the your infrastructure gets or how quickly systems architectures advance, we can adapt to it. This platform is the “glue” of our managed services.

While this has taken us a few years to iterate, you don't have to worry about it, just leverage the seemingly simple, but powerful hosted platform, that is constantly improving.



Its far more than just technology, it's a mindset.

An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field.

Niels Henrik David Bohr

We take that further and codify fixes we develop, directly into the platform - DevOps and "Dont Repeat Yourself" philosophies that are core to our ability to meet your expectations and radically reduce the overhead we need to manage our implementations and hosted platforms. And with our expertise literally coded into the platform, our knowledge base does not walk away if one of us moves on.

We truly believe that it is critical that we build systems that are self managing and configuring, and require little or no manual intervention. This "Systems Integration as a Service" is a very different business model than our competitors - who are far more interested in making sure there are plenty of bodies on a project. There is no incentive in their models to innovate, and have no qualms billing for repeatedly copying and pasting code to solve the same problem over and over.

With our platforms and implementations, you automatically get benefit of our iterative improvements in our methods and platform.

Not yet convinced? We’re here to help you! Let us walk you through a demo of our platform.


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