elasticBI : Platform for BI in the Cloud

  • Amazon Web Services

    • #1 Infrastructure-as-a-Service Provider
    • Computing, DBMS, Storage, Content Delivery
    • Messaging, Monitoring, Networking
    • Aggressive pricing
  • The Vertica Analytic Database

    • Optimized for Analysis, Reporting
    • Linear scaling to Petabytes
    • Extensive Ecosystem of analytic tools
    • Massively Parallel Architecture for Scaling
    • Advanced Compression for reduced footprint
  • Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite

    • Most Widely-used BI in the World
    • Commercial Open-source model
    • Over 16 million downloads with 175,000 Deployments
    • Ad hoc, Reporting, Dashboards, OLAP
    • Pixel-perfect reports via iReport
    • 100% Java
  • Full 360 elasticBI : BI Platform as a Service

    • Automated, but bespoke image configuration for Vertica and Jaspersoft
    • Sophisticated DevOps Configuration management with Opscode Chef
    • Single source of Level 1, 2 and Usability Support
    • As-needed Consulting support at every step

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In mid-2009 Full 360 was approached by the consortium of vendors that now comprise the elasticBI platform - Jaspsersoft, Vertica, Talend, and Rightscale - to serve as the Go-To-Market partner for their joint offering. We completed Reseller/OEM agreements with each of them and announced the platform via webinar in February 2010.

elasticBI consists of:

  • Jaspersoft Enterprise v4 (or latest) for up to (10) client companies (unlimited number of servers, client users)
  • Vertica Analytic Database v4.1 (or latest) for up to 100 GB of load data
  • Talend Open Studio ETL - unlimited open source licenses
  • Full 360 Integration of all components
  • Full 360 Premium+ Support (1/2 day of consulting per month beyond Level 1, Level 2 Tech Support)

Our datawarehouse and reporting environment is built on Amazon Web Services. At the lowest level we have created custom JeOS (Just enough OS) virtual machines from Oracle Linux 5.2 and Ubuntu. Amazon calls these shell applications Amazon Machine Images (AMI).

Performance has a couple of aspects to it. Our custom JeOS (Just Enough OS Linux) images are designed to boot up and restart in less than 5 minutes. There is also software available that will watch your images, re-boot crashed servers and even increase the size of your server if you hit certain performance thresholds. Each Amazon server also comes with a certain amount of disk that is local to the physical server: our base configuration system comes with 850 GB. Amazon is also planning a Guaranteed IO per second (IOPS) facility for high-performance environments. But we've gotten good performance with our standard offering, which at $.34/hour of Amazon time, is easy to upgrade for even better performance

The Full 360 JeOS AMIs are crafted for the products we support on the specific platform. For elasticBI, we use the Vertica column database. For numerical and OLAP analysis we use Oracle Essbase along with the rest of Oracle's EPM suite. Relational reporting front-ends are usually defined by the customer and we can put Oracle Business Intelligence, or open source reporting solutions as needed. We have oem agreements with all the respective vendors for the cubeFlex solution, so can provide a one stop solution price.

Our implementation process typically consists of creating an AWS account for the customers, sharing our custom AMI's with this account and then starting instances under that account. We then configure the instances to the customer's specifications - vpn, ETL, warehouse sizing etc. We then help build or migrate the actual data into the warehouse and cloud. The last part is helping build the reports in the reporting environment of the customer 's choice. Once implemented, we either continue to manage and operate or turn over the infrastructure to the customer's internal folks.

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