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Creating a Just enough OS (JeOS) EC2 Image for Oracle Enterprise Linux

I have always been a fan of stripped down “just what you need” OS installations of Windows and Linux. Which is why we use nLite for creating custom XP builds and gentoo for general purpose linux machines. For Oracle applications we use a base installation of Oracle Enterprise Linux.


Reporting and Analytic Applications for pennies using Cloud Computing

Some of our more cutting-edge clients (thanks Dave!) asked how we might help them leverage Cloud Computing to host their applications. The advantages of cloud computing are easy to see because the cost of storage and computing is measured in pennies per hour/gigabyte and works especially well for reporting and analysis applications.


About Us

Full 360 is an international BI and Data Warehouse integrator, with clients ranging from startup websites and software vendors to Global 15 financial institutions. Full 360 provides the elasticBI™ platform -- featuring Jaspersoft, Vertica and Talend -- on the AWS Cloud. We also provide the elasticPM™ platform -- a platform for Oracle Hyperion on the cloud.