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Amazon Redshift - Review and First Impressions

As an AWS Premier partner, and the only partner with expertise in columnar databases in the cloud, Full360 was given earliest preview access to Amazon Redshift, the new cloud-based columnar data warehouse offering which was announced at the Re:Invent conference in November. Here are some of my initial impressions and experiences working with it over the past month.


Full360 Likes Jaspersoft 5

I had the good fortune to be invited to the Jaspersoft pre-release seminars in San Francisco. There I was in the company of a few other partners and at least 40 Jaspersoft employees from all different departments (and countries) around the company. 

So what’s new? Jaspersoft Version 5. Although I’m fairly new to the product, I got a good idea of where it’s going, and most importantly what concepts are driving development. Here’s a brief recap of all that I saw.


Use Cases for the Agile Data Warehouse

Some of you might have attended our webinar February 4. When we put the webinar together, we felt that most of the attendees were interested in using the Agile Data Warehouse (ADW) as a Business Intelligence (BI) sandbox, or as a development and test environment. But we’ve found since then that many of the attendees had much bigger plans for the ADW than we had originally anticipated. So I’d like to discuss some of the market feedback we received and actual use cases that are now being developed around the ADW.


About Us

Full 360 is an international BI and Data Warehouse integrator, with clients ranging from startup websites and software vendors to Global 15 financial institutions. Full 360 provides the elasticBI™ platform -- featuring Jaspersoft, Vertica and Talend -- on the AWS Cloud. We also provide the elasticPM™ platform -- a platform for Oracle Hyperion on the cloud.